In 1993, Michael Knorz, MD, introduced the LASIK procedure in Germany and established the FreeVis LASIK Center at the University Eye Clinic Mannheim. Our LASIK Center has been LASIK TÜV Süd certified since 2006.

Since 2004, we have been offering Femto-LASIK, a combination of femtosecond laser flap creation and wavefront-guided ablationwhichallows the best possible and safest correction of refractive errors. Today, FreeVis offers the entire spectrum of refractive surgery for the correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia.

Eye laser procedures

  • Femto-LASIK (individual LASIK)
  • Epi-LASIK 

Lens procedures

  • Phakic lens implants
  • Laser refractive lens surgery with a femtosecond laser
  • Multifocal lens implants

Presbyopia correction

  • Multifocal lens implants
  • Monovision LASIK


  • Bioptics
  • Astigmatism correction
  • Collagen Cross-Linking using Riboflavin and UVA exposure for the treatment of keratoconus

Michael C. Knorz, MD

Founder of the FreeVis Group
Eye laser surgery (Femto-LASIK, LASEK)
Lens surgery (phakic lenses, lens exchange)
Presbyopia correction (Monovision LASIK, multifocal lenses)

  • Specialized in Vision Laser Correction (Femto-LASIK, LASEK), intraocular lens surgery, corneal implant surgery, presbyopia correction
  • Founder of the FreeVis LASIK Center Group 
  • Past-President of the VSDAR 
Professional experience:

Professor Michael Knorz began his clinical career as Senior Physician at the University Eye Clinic Mannheim (1988 to 1998). In 1993, he introduced the LASIK procedure in Germany. He also introduced LASIK to India and performed the first LASIK procedure in Mumbai in 1994. At the same time, he established the first German LASIK center at the University Eye Clinic Mannheim which in 1999 was converted into the FreeVis LASIK Center Mannheim. As of today, Michael Knorz serves as  medical director of this FreeVis LASIK Center as well as CEO of the FreeVis LASIK Center Group.

Research interests:

Professor Knorz' main research areas focus on cataract and refractive surgery, intraocular lenses and femtosecond laser technology. He has published over 50 original articles in peer reviewed journals, 50 book chapters, and a comprehensive textbook on phacoemulsification, recently printed in its second edition. He has presented more than 400 papers and participated in over 200 courses on phacoemulsification and refractive surgery all over the world.


Professor Michael Knorz is senior associate editor of the Journal of Refractive Surgery (JRS) and Past Chairman of the editorial board, Ocular Surgery News, Europe Edition. In 2011, the AAO appointed him as member of the ISRS' Program Committee and Multimedia Library Editorial Board. He is co-founder, board member and past-president of the Organization of German Specialty Clinics for Eye Laser and Refractive Surgery (VSDAR), immediate past-president and elected executive director of the International Intraocular Implant Club (IIIC) as well as honorary member of the South African Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (SASCRS).

Professor Michael Knorz is actively involved in the creation of standards of care in the field of refractive surgery. He currently serves as the secretary of the “Kommission Refraktive Chirurgie (KRC)”(committee on refractive surgery), a joint committee of the German Ophthalmological Association (Deutsche Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft, DOG) and the Professional Association of German Ophthalmologists (Berufsverband der Augenärzte Deutschlands, BVA), which is responsible for standards of care in refractive surgery and certification of refractive surgeons. 

Awards and honors:

Professor Michael Knorz is the receipient of numerous international awards and honors, among them:

  • 2015 - 2010: FOCUS Expert List - The news magazine FOCUS includes Michael Knorz, MD as one of 39 German experts for refractive and cataract surgery
  • 2011: DOC Gold Medal for outstanding contributions for the International Congress of German Ophthalmosurgeons (DOC)
  • 2009: “Secretariat Award” of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) wich recognizes ophthalmologists for their special service or contributions through outstanding organizational, managerial and/or administrative activities in support of the AAO and ophthalmology.
  • 2008: "Arthur Lim Lecture" as the highest honor of the Asia-Pacific Association of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (APACRS). Lecture topic: Femtosecond Laser Surgery
  • 2008: "Senior Achievement Award" of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO)
  • 2006: "Casebeer Lecture Award" of the International Society of Refractive Surgery of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (ISRS/AAO)
  • 2005: "TOP 50 Opinion Leader", voted by colleagues and readers of Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today, for outstanding contribution and leadership in the fields of cataract and refractive surgery.
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Bettina Jendritza, MD

Eye laser surgery (Femto-LASIK, LASEK)

Specialized in: Vision Laser Correction (Femto-LASIK, LASEK)

Bettina Jendritza went to medical school in Regensburg, Oxford and Munich. She completed her residency in Ophthalmology at the University Eye Clinic Mannheim. 

Professional experience

Since 2000, Dr. Jendritza has been performing laser vision procedures. Today, she specializes in all types of corneal surface ablations for the correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, especially in Femto-LASIK and Epi-LASIK, as well as collagen cross-linking using riboflavin and UVA exposure. 

Research interests

Bettina Jendritza's research interests focus on refractive laser surgery, and multifocal lens implants. She has authored and co-authored numerous peer-reviewed articles and is regularly presenting at major national and international conferences.


Dr. Jendritza is a recognized LASIK trainer of the Commission of Refractive Surgery (KRC). 

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